From Good to Bad and back again

Jul 11, 2021

Passage: Luke 15:11-24

Preacher: Dr. Doug McCart

Category: Living The Christian Life

Keywords: love, prodigal, repentance, caring, feast, hog, slop.


What does the Bible teach us about being good then going bad but coming back to good again? This sermon is about the prodigal son and his brother. The prodigal son was good, then he went bad, but he came back to good once again. The other son was good but went bad and there is no where in the Bible where it says he came back to good. He was mad, hurt, and angry because his brother was being treated like a prince when the other one had been there all the time.


Have we every been in a place in our life where we had been good then for whatever reason we decided we didn't need God anymore and went rogue and on a sin trip?  Did we come back?  Or do we need to come back.  This sermon is about the Prodigal son and his brother.  The prodigal son was good, then went bad and crazy, then came back to his father asked for forgiveness.

He was willing to do even menial work in order to stay with his family.  

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