Deeper Dive - Youth Ministry

The Deeper Dive  Student Ministry is a growing and thriving youth ministry.  It is our heart's desire to assist our youth in experiencing how to walk in God's Word and follow His guidance in a very chaotic world. We offer many opportunities for our students to experience close encounters with God through weekly Bible studies and group activities.  It is our desire that our student ministry help our studen's parents in ensuring the continued spiritual growth of their youth.  The end goal is that the our youth are lead to enjoy a growing, passionate, independently dependent relationship with Christ.  We feel student are here first and foremost to glorify God and we aim to help them live that out each and every day.

Students are pressed and challenged from all sides on a daily basis.  They need to know there is purpose, truth and hope and we know we can help them find it through diving deep into the Word of God and experiencing what God has in store for them.  We feel that all of these things are found in Jesus Christ.  Our hope is to lead students in knowing Christ and following Christ.


Wednesdays evenings at 6:30 pm 


All youth meet in the Gym at the bottom of the parking lot.   Grades 6th-12th are welcome to come and join in games and devotions.   See you in the Gym. 

Pics from Centerfuge 2023 

Panama City Beach, FL