Unity Baptist Church

A Place For Family.

A Place for you.

“Our family now includes our friends here at Unity.  Together, as friends and family, we are learning more about God's love and His plans for our family and our church"

             Loving People, Sharing Christ, Transforming Lives 

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Sunday 10:45, July 21st , 2024

Sunday School and Bible Study at 9:30 

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our Live Stream Web page.  Please click on the following URL to go directly to the Live Worship Service.   We aplogize for the inconvienence but we are diligently working to get the web page up and working again.  Thank you for your understanding.    https://control.resi.io/webplayer/video.html?id=54f9bf3f-56a3-4082-bfac-a19a1cabf79e

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Colton Dixon - UP + UP Tour 

Friday, September 20th, 7:00 pm 

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