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OUR NEXT Sunday Service

10:45, Sunday, August 1st, 2021

In the Sanctuary of the Worship Center

We will not just survive, we will Thrive!!!!!

Our Sunday  Service will be live-streamed on our Facebook Page: Unity Baptist Church-Newnan

Dr. Mac's sermon today was entitled, "What makes a church.".  Before he led us to today's scripture from Acts 2:41-47, he did tell us what did not make a church.  Then he went on to read from Acts and break down the important pieces of a church.  What we learned today is that the first church had the following characteristics:  they were devoted to the apostles teachings, to fellowship, to breaking of bread together and to prayer. (Vs. 42)  All the believers were filled with awe of what they had seen and were taught, they were together and had everything in common.  (Vs. 43).  They met daily in the temple and they broke bread together with glad and sincere hearts.  They praised God and enjoyed the favor of the people.  (Vs 47).  You see we are the Church and when we follow what is written in the scriptures and we conduct ourselves as the first Christians did, people will be wanting to know what we have that they don't, they will be wanting to know the Jesus we know.   That is what makes a church, a group of believers that love one another and fellowship and study together.  They are constantly joining together to worship and praise God.  They are reaching out to those around them and inviting them to break bread with them and fellowship with them.  We are the church and we have the tools to make our church grow and flourish, we just need to be like the New Testament Christians.   We look forward to seeing you next week, Sunday, August 1st, 2021 at 10:45 for worship and 9:30 for Sunday School.  We have a place for you, come and join us.   Be a part of our Church, God's Church.    

There is construction work going on across campus so we ask you to be aware and be cautious for your own safety.  Please be very careful as you walk through the Foyer and Welcome Center area.  The carpet has been removed and there are small drop offs between the tile and the bare concrete.  Please walk slowly and carefully in those areas.   We look forward to seeing you in the Sanctuary at 10:45 Sunday morning.  Come praise and worship with us as we meet to honor our God and His Son Jesus.   

The Unity Baptist campus is closed due to extensive storm damage received during the early morning hours of Friday, March 26, 2021.   Even though we are not able to use some of our buildings due to the damage we do have access to the Old Chapel, the Education Building and the Children's Building.  Please continue to check here and Unity Baptist Facebook site to get further information any upcoming services     


"What Makes a Church"

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Children's Ministry on Wednesday Nights

Wendy Moore, our Children's Minister, is so excited to be able to start Wednesday night activities for our Children.  She has put together an amazing program that will help your children learn and grow in the Word and in Jesus.   Her and her group of dedicated and loving volunteers are looking forward to welcoming your children to this new and fun-filled Wednesday night activity.   Please bring your children to Unity Baptist on Wednesday nights and let them enjoy growing in their walk with Jesus.  

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