Re-Opening of the Church and schedule of services

Church Reopening and Schedule of Services

(Soft-Opening as it is being called) 

Phase One:   Office/Worship Center


  1. The office will open Monday, June 1 with the regular schedule as it was before Covid 19.
  • Please practice social distancing of 6 feet or more.
  • Please wash your hands with antibiotic soap before and after entering the building.
  • Any group using the lower part of the administration building must maintain social distancing and have no more than 10 people in their group.
  • The Chapel/Old Sanctuary will remain closed at this time.

 2.  Worship Services will begin Sunday, June 7 in the Worship Center.

  • Service will start at our regular time of 10:45
  • We are asking everyone to use the 2 sets of front doors only.
  • Deacons/Yoke Fellows and their wives will manage the doors and serve as Greeters! Anyone who wishes to assist and greet is welcome to do so under the guidance of our Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Deacons.
  • If you or someone in your family needs assistance, please bring them to these doors and there will be people to assist you.
  • Music/Worship will be conducted by Rob Langer, the Praise Team, and the Praise Band.
  • There will be no choir until we reach Phase 3.
  • When you enter the WC please proceed to your seat. Do not stop to sit in the lobby.
  • Mask and gloves will not be required but are certainly not prohibited. You are responsible for your own health, and you should consider the well-being of others.
  • We are asking everyone to use the lower level first for ease of cleaning and sanitation.
  • Please enter and exit using the center door and aisle only.
  • The Unity Café will be closed. Sorry no coffee. 
  • If you need the restroom, please exit the WC using the center exit. There will be hand sanitizer and Lysol in the restrooms, and we ask that everyone please use the Lysol to sanitize the area used.
  • Additional hand sanitizer will be located at the Welcome Desk.
  • Some rows will be marked off as “No Sit Rows.”
  • Families who have been meeting with each other may sit together without spacing if they so desire.

Phase II: 

  • The “Reboot Team” will continue to meet and review how things are working and will make necessary changes when and if needed.
  • All things from Phase I will continue as stated above with the following additions.
  • On Wednesday, June 10, we will begin holding Prayer Meeting in the Worship Center from 6:30 to 7:00.
  • Praise Team/Band practice will start at 7:15
  • A Youth Service will begin on the same night in the Youth Center in the large room in order to maintain Social Distancing and other health care concerns.
  • The same guidelines for hand sanitizing and use of restrooms will apply to the “Youth Meetings.”
  • Unfortunately games that require physical contact must be avoided at this time.
  • Donny Smith will be in charge of all Wednesday night youth activities.
  • He cannot do this alone and will reach out to parents for additional help as needed.
  • On Sunday, there will still be no Sunday School/Bible Study on campus at this time!
  • Classes that are using Zoom and other resources to meet and stay in contact are encouraged to continue until Phase 3.

  Phase III:

 Coweta County Schools are scheduled to open August 13 as Virtual Classrooms and sessions.  This means we will not start Sunday School or Wednesday night Children's ministry until there is further guidance given by the CDC and the Governor's Office.  



  • June 1, office reopens.
  • June 7, Soft Opening/Service.
  • June 10, Prayer Meeting & Youth Meeting @ 6:30.
  • June 16, Senior Adult Bible Study @ 10:30.

 Remember our “Practical Values” for the best possible ministry.

  1. Committed to Safety.
  2. We over Me
  3. Compassionate Spirit
  4. Do what you say
  5. Be part of the Solution


On behalf of the “Reboot Team,” I want to thank you for your cooperation, kindness, patience, and understanding through all of this.  Most of all we thank you for your prayers for everyone and everything concerned!