Construction Update Page


The morning after the tornado hit around 12:15 am, Friday, March 26, 2021:

On this page the leadership will try to keep you up to date on what is happening on campus to repair the tornado damage to the campus buildings.  We will try to give a weekly update with progress made and upcoming events.  

Week of April 26, 2021

1.   The contract for the replacement of the roofs for the Education Building and Children's Building has been signed with a company called Reeves Construction and Roofing out of Sandy Springs, GA.   The heavy equipment and staging yard were set up on Tuesday and on Wednesday the roofing team began working on removing the old roof of the Education Building and Chapel and replacing the old decking with new decking.  Once they got the new decking on and the roof covered from the weather they started on the Children's building.  The metal for the roof has been delayed and will be delivered on Friday, May 7, 2021.  The metal was delivered and the roofing company will get to work putting up the new metal roofs on both buildings, that is, if weather will allow it.   

2.  The Activities Building is going to be demolished.  The demolition crew is a company called Kadima Inc out of Buford, GA.  They have to file a permit for demolition with the State of Georgia 10 days prior to the start of demolition.  The waiting time is over and on Saturday, May 8, 2021 the demolition began.  The excavator with jaws on it began ripping down the building.  There is a rumor going around that Dr. Mac got to do a bit of the demolition and removed the old air conditioners from the roof of the stew room.  The demolition will continue for the next week.  Come over and watch a bit of the demolition, though I advise you do it from a safe distance.    

3. We are still busy getting bids and quotes for the replacement of so many things.  We are currently working on the door lock/security system, the new projectors, some sound equipment and lighting issues.  We have a brand new keyboard which should be on stage this coming Sunday.   

4.  Air Force, a HVAC company fixed one of our large Air Handlers and now we are able to cool the entire Worship Center without the aid of the external Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier that Servpro was providing at a cost.  

5.  There have been a host of contractors on site to look at our HVAC system (air conditioning and air handlers), our door locking system, all the electronics across campus including the projectors and sound equipment and our pianos.  Each one of those contractors are making an assessment and will submit bids for the work that needs to be done in each of these areas. 

As you can see while it may look very quiet around the campus, it has really been very busy and it just keeps going each day.  So much has been done and so much more needs to be done. 

Three weeks after the storm.  Thursday, April 21, 2021.

Demolition of the Activities Building 

Monday, May 10, 2021

After about 2 hours of work this is the big moment for the gym area of the activities building!

Tuesday May 11, 2021 

Day 2 of Activities Building Demolition 

The newest addition to our property.  A beautiful sign that says it all.   Awesome scripture reference too.  


The major construction has begun.  The start of August signified the start of the new roof on the Worship Center, the bricks being taken down and new ones put up, insulation and wallboard in the Worship Center Foyer (also knows as the Store Front area by the contractors).  Work continues on the HVAC units, the door access system and a few smaller projects.  Here are some pictures that cover what has been going on here at Unity.  


Brick Masons Scaffolding for removing the old brick and adding the new.  Also, the roofers hard at work on the Choir Room roof. 

Choir Room Roof being replaced, half way done already. 

Week of  August 9-14, 2021

Work on the Worship Center went from the roofers working on the porch and the choir room to brick masons laying brick, drywall hangers hanging drywall in the Welcome Center area, roofers replacing old insulation and roofing and the window folks installing the new frames and windows.   The workers are doing a great job and moving at a good speed.  We are seeing lots of activity and progress.  Here are some pictures of this week's work.   

Week of September 12, 2021

Final Section of Worship Center Roof being worked on

Final section of the Sanctuary/Worship Center roof being worked on.  There is just the one section left and then all of the buttoning up and fixing things and the roof will be done.  

Foyer tile being removed

These next pictures are of the broken and warped tile being removed and getting the concrete floor cleaned off and leveled up for the new tile.  This was an extremely dirty, dusty job as the contractors were using heavy duty floor chisels and large shovels to scoop up the broken pieces.   They were done breaking up the floor and cleaning up in about 3 days and have started laying the new floor tile.   

There were piles of broken tile that needed to be cleaned up and hauled away

Video Tour of the damage and the restoration